Mustang Match

A custom match-making service just for MHS!

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Created with love by Byte Club for the students of Mundelein High School

How it Works

  1. Log in with your school Gmail account
  2. Fill out a quick 5-min survey
  3. Be matched with the Mustang of your dreams, or whatever.
  4. Share photos of yourself and your match akwardly standing together on the social media platform of your choice. Just be sure to use the hashtag #MustangMatch

Did you mean, like, how it really works?

Y, Tho?

Because it's a fun way to apply the basics of programming, coding, and algorithms to meet the needs of our school community!

It's also a great way to show MHS students one of the millions of ways coding can be used to solve problems. You might not think coding is for you, but you probably have lots of thoughts on how to match two people up! Code can help you do that!

If you're not sure what you want to do after MHS, think about exploring coding and computer science. That is, if you like having a job.

Matching Stats

Mustangs Matched: 753

Percent of MHS Students Matched: 37.24%

Gender Breakdown

Males: 328

Females: 435

Pairings Stats:

Average Match Score: 66.91%

Top Match Score: 99